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Early diagnosis

“I was 21 when I fell pregnant with my beautiful daughter and 20 weeks into my pregnancy, we were given life changing news My daughter Gracey was going to be born with Down syndrome, not only this but she would require open heart surgery and kidney surgery too. Things were not looking hopeful for her life going forward

Planning ahead

Glasgow Children’s Hospital is about 3 and a half hours from our local hospital, but this was going to be who took over most of our care. All our scans got transferred to Glasgow and they were able to do provide the specialist things that our hospital at home just couldn’t do.

We first heard about Ronald Macdonald House Glasgow when we stopped for a break in driving. We were amazed by the leaflet and assumed it might be somewhere we would stay in the future. It was great to read about families going through similar things to us, it really gave us hope.

Gracey Arrived

Gracey was born at 36 weeks and weighed a tiny 3lbs 15. We were thankful that we could have her at our local hospital, but this was only the beginning.  Gracey had to be flown in the helicopter to Glasgow Children’s hospital as she became critically ill. This was our first experience of Ronald McDonald House Glasgow.

Myself and my husband had absolutely no sleep and were trying to rest by lying on chairs or the floor in a side room and we weren’t allowed to be with Gracey at this time. We then received a phone call saying that there was a room available at the House and to head over.

The difference accommodation at the House can make…

We couldn’t believe how short the walk over was and we were completely blown away when we arrived, it genuinely felt like home from home. All the staff members were so caring and friendly, seeing all the beautiful pictures on the wall of children who had previously stayed, and letters of encouragement was amazing. The staff had thought of things we would never have remembered, we had toiletries given to us, food and a place to sleep. Every small detail was thought out – even better a phone that went directly to Gracey’s bed! When your child is in the high dependency unit you cannot stay with them as there are no beds so we would have been living out of hotels if it wasn’t for RMHG. The took away so much.

Going home

After a two week stay, we were finally transferred home. We got to know people so well and really missed them when it came time to leave! We came back to stay when Gracey had her kidney surgery and heart surgery and again, the house provided us with so much help and support. A place where we could escape the hospital life for just an hour or so. Even to make a hot meal that wasn’t a takeaway, a place to have a cup of tea and just breathe.  Without it, I genuinely don’t know what we would have done. We are so thankful to everyone there; we have stayed in touch and love taking part in the fundraising events.

Gracey now…

As for Gracey, she has never looked back. We nearly lost her a few times, and it was a hard battle to get to this place, but she has never been better. Every day with her is amazing. Thank you, Ronald McDonald House Glasgow for looking after us when we needed to look after our daughter”


RMHG were absolutely delighted to hear that Gracey is now a big Sister!


You can make a difference to families with children in hospital

Ronald McDonald House Glasgow is an independent charity. As we are a self-funded House, it is our wonderful supporters who do ensure our doors can remain open to support families like Gracey’s. It costs £75 per day to fully cover the cost for a family to stay at the House. If you would consider making a donation to support the families that the House supports, you can do so here .

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