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From a hugely successful social media campaign – our 23 year old rotary iron has finally been replaced by a fresh new model!

The House rotary iron sees hundreds of pillowcases, duvet covers, sheets and other linens through its roller every year and with an ageing model, this daily task was becoming harder and less efficient.

After initial funding was received from The JTH Charitable Trust, a call out on social media took place on our 23rd Birthday in March, to push us to reach our target. You guessed it…we achieved our goal! We were able to purchase a brand new Miele professional rotary iron that will hopefully last another quarter century.

As we always aim to provide a welcoming and comfortable “home away from home” for families in the incredibly difficult situation of having a child receiving treatment in hospital, crisp well ironed sheets can immediately make them feel able to rest and recuperate.

Massive thanks go to every person that donated to our Just Giving campaign – you are making a daily difference to the House!

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