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Help families at a time of crisis and bring comfort to them when they need it most.

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Ronald McDonald House Glasgow

Family Story Form

The stories families share with us about their experience of having a seriously ill child in hospital, and the difference having a room at the House made to them, is our most powerful tool when seeking support from people who know little or nothing about the House.

If you would be so kind to share your own story, we have included some pointers for you below to consider when writing it up…

  • Before – What brought you to Ronald McDonald House Glasgow?
  • During – What is/was your experience of the House? How long was your stay?
  • Finally – Finish up with a wee update of how you are all doing now. Reflect on how long you have
    been/were at the House and what it means/meant to your family.

Photographs: We LOVE photographs! And we find that 3 to 4 photographs work well to illustrate your journey. Choose only those that you are happy to be seen by the public.

Take your time: Recounting your experiences could bring up emotions that are difficult to cope with. For many people writing down their story can be therapeutic but for others it can prove stressful. If this is you, please feel free to stop. We will understand and there is no problem getting back in touch with us to say it is not the right time for you.

Please provide your story by submitting the form below:

On behalf of everyone here at the House, thank you for choosing to support the Charity in this way.

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