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Ronald McDonald House Glasgow supports families from across Scotland
and further afield!

As a Charity based in Glasgow it’s easy to see why people think we have a local focus. However, the House offers free accommodation to families who have a seriously ill child in hospital. These families can literally be from anywhere! Even including the other side of the world – as has been the case during horrible holiday accidents.

Come with us on a journey…

In 2019 Ronald McDonald House Glasgow provided free, high quality accommodation to over 500 families. During the coming months we will travel the length and breadth of Scotland, looking at how many families stayed with us from each county. You can follow our progress through our social media channels. Click on the links at the top of the page.

What is the House like for families?

With 31 beautiful en-suite bedrooms, the House can gift over 11,000 nights accommodation every year! It’s not just a place to sleep though. Our kitchen/dinning room provides a place to cook, just like at home. Taking away the need to eat out or the cost of take-away food. The Charity receives fantastic support from local supermarkets, that donate yummy food. This not only saves families money but more importantly, it saves time. When your child is seriously ill in hospital all you really want to be doing is staying close by their side.

The House has a first class laundry too. Here families can wash their child’s clothes – something which is not possible in the hospital. Again, the Charity receives generous donations from community members wanting to show their support and solidarity to those families staying at the House. Many families who have stayed in the past offer support to today’s families in this way. Along with toiletries, that we place in the bedrooms ready for the next family staying with us. Sometimes a child’s visit to hospital can be totally unexpected. Family members arrive at our doors with just the clothes they stand up in. Having a toiletry pack in the room may seem like a small token but right there in that moment, it can make the world of difference.

The staff in the House frequently hear how the place is like a haven. A safe, comfortable space to recuperate in.

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