Threesixty Architecture

Support for the House:

It was a colourful week for sure, when Threesixty Architecture held their Rainbow Week! Challenging participants to wear 5 different colours over 5 days; 381 participants from 25 companies took part and raised over £15,000! We loved the lunchtime Zoom calls and can definitely say architects’ clothes are anything but bland!!

Back Story:

Threesixty Architecture were the inspired designers behind the refurbishment of the entrance and reception space in 2018.

The team skilfully created a warmer and more welcoming environment for families on arrival. In addition they designed a more efficient circulation layout which has improved the amount of space available to accommodate more families and improve check-in.

Aesthetically, they introduced a natural palette of materials, consciously staying away from institutional and corporate tones to help create a relaxing environment that has a more domestic feel for visiting families, whilst still meeting the needs for the functional requirements of House staff.

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