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The Christmas season spent in hospital

Jess and Lewis spent 10 weeks at Ronald McDonald House Glasgow over the festive period when their son Ollie was in hospital. Ollie was born with a rare genetic condition called CHARGE syndrome, which affects different areas of the body. He was born with a cleft lip and palate, a single kidney, Tetralogy of Fallot – a combination of four heart abnormalities, low set ears and hearing loss. Over the Christmas season, he underwent open heart surgery for his condition.

“Our Christmas was very different than our usual Christmases, but we can’t thank Ronald McDonald House Glasgow enough for making a hard and horrible time that little bit nicer”, Jess told us. The couple appreciated how lovely it was that their older son Alfie could join them, especially to have Christmas dinner together in the House.

Returning Home

The family is now home, settling back into a routine and some sort of normality.

“Ollie has just turned one, and we had a great time celebrating this huge milestone with our closest friends and family”.

The Reid Family lend their voice to our 2020 Christmas Campaign

Having experienced a stay at the House during the festive season, Jess and Lewis were delighted to be involved in Ronald McDonald House Glasgow’s first ever Christmas Campaign!

From Our House To Yours has seen thousands of pounds raised for the Charity. As a result the House can remain open, meaning more families in need will be helped over the 2020/21 festive season. You can help too! Head to our Donate page to find out how.

The family fundraise for the House

We’re so glad Ollie had the loving support of his family whilst staying in hospital. The family has gone on to fundraise for the House. So far they have raised over £1,000 earning a wee plaque on the Family Tree for Ollie – well done everyone!


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