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The Donaldson Family’s Story

Lucy’s son Mikey was a healthy and happy five-week old baby when he was attacked by a dog – and their lives turned upside down in a matter of seconds.

He died for 65 minutes, and for 65 minutes our local hospital [Borders General Hospital] tried to resuscitate him. They told me to say goodbye as there was nothing they could do”, Lucy told us. But then something truly amazing happened – Mikey started his heart by himself. “He is a miracle baby”.

Mikey was flown by air ambulance up to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. Lucy told us that he made amazing progress during his five months there. His family were told that he could be completely brain dead. Scans showed no sign of brain damage at all. His kidneys failed and doctors warned he would require a transplant in years to come. As time went by, tests showed his kidney function improving. He sustained real damage to his stomach, but that recovered too. And although Mikey has lost his left eye, he has kept the vision in his right eye. Doctors will be able to fit a prosthetic eye in future.

“For weeks they told us – ‘we’re taking it minute by minute, we don’t expect him to survive’”, Lucy reflected. “He’s like a superhuman”. Such was Mikey’s unexpected progress, doctors plan to use his case for future studies.

A place to stay at Ronald McDonald House Glasgow

Mikey’s family arrived at Ronald McDonald House Glasgow at the very beginning of his journey. “We came here the second night Mikey arrived [in Glasgow]. We were there for over six months, and it was amazing. I don’t know what I would have done without the House. It was an absolute godsend, it really was”.

Lucy found the homely environment of the House a huge help. Lucy’s other sons were able to spend time there too: “The rooms are beautiful. The kitchen area, lounge, everything is so beautiful. It’s really homely – you don’t feel like you’re in a hotel, you just feel like you’re at home. The boys loved it as well – spending time in the kitchen, and enjoying the play area”.

Mikey and family at long last got a transfer to a hospital closer to home where he continues to thrive. We wish them all the very best in the future.

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