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In 2002 Liz and Martin welcomed little Tristan into their lives. The youngest of six, the family were amazed with having a boy… his five big sisters all adore him! After an initial short stay in hospital, Tristan went home, and all seemed to be going smoothly.

Joy turns to worry

At almost three weeks old, life for Tristan began to change. What started as a cold quickly developed into Tristan having to work exceptionally hard to breathe. A few days of following advice from midwives and doctors did not lead to any improvements. Then, late one evening, Tristan’s colour changed and he felt very cold. Liz called for the emergency doctor and explained to Martin that something was gravely wrong.

“I picked Tristan out of his moses basket & his body was limp … suddenly [Martin] had Tristan on [the] living room floor with [the] emergency line telling [him] what to do…..then I suddenly realised he was doing CPR”, Liz recalls. Her panic even at the memory of these moments is palpable.

The emergency doctor arrived within minutes and called the hospital to be on standby. Liz told us how she remembers “blue flashing lights…. sirens, suddenly an ambulance appeared at our front door. Then we were on way to Monklands Hospital”.

Tristan was assessed and stabilised before being transferred to Yorkhill Children’s Hospital in Glasgow. “The next thing I knew, we were on way to Yorkhill with a very sick son…. our world of joy & excitement suddenly became stressful & filled with worry”.

Tristan was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit. The amazing team of nurses and doctors explained to Liz and Martin that their son had Broncholitis, a common lung infection in young children and infants. If Tristan had been admitted just a day or two before, he would never have gotten so bad. Liz told us how scary it was for them as a family. “I thought we had lost him”.

The Cook family’s next worry though was their five girls. How on earth were they going to stay with their sick son AND do their daughters’ school run?

Thankfully, the family were gifted a room at Ronald McDonald House Glasgow – Yorkhill Family House as it was known back then. “This was a God send… everything fell into place… this House is amazing & it gave us so much support when we had a very difficult time in our lives”, Liz described.

Tristan recovered fully within just a few weeks. To this day, the House continues to hold a special place in the family’s hearts, and they fundraise each year to help other families whose children are in hospital.

Thank you Cook Family for your continued support, even after so many years!

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