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Emma wasn’t feeling so well

It was 2015. Emma had been feeling unwell for some days and ended up in hospital. During the numerous tests carried out the medical team discovered that Emma was pregnant!

The team booked her in for a scan the next day. “I found out I was 32+5 weeks pregnant with a boy” exclaimed Emma!

This was already astonishing news to Emma and her family but tinged with worry when the sonographer raised concerns. The medical team booked a specialist appointment at Dumfries Hospital. Emma’s supportive mum and sister accompanied her whilst they took a closer look at her unborn son.

Worrying news

“My heart completely dropped I didn’t know what to think, I was thinking the worst that I was going to lose him” recalls Emma. The specialist had explained that her son had gastroenteritis. As a 16-year-old, facing such uncertainty it’s understandable that Emma was so scared.

A referral was put into the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow. The medical team there put together a plan to induce Emma’s labour and safely deliver her baby boy. Emma remembers how she had wanted her big sister with her but could only have one person present “I could only have my mum but I honestly couldn’t thank her enough for how amazing she was with me”.

Emma’s thoughts turned to the practicalities of having to give birth so far away from home and her family. “I was thinking how will I see my baby, as I would have nowhere to stay in Glasgow” recalled Emma.

Ronald McDonald House Glasgow

A nurse told Emma about the House, “I went down and spoke to them and asked them about a room as I live in Dumfries and my son was in hospital up here” said Emma. The friendly staff explained to Emma how to access the service, as only referrals received from the ward clerks are considered by the Charity.

Emma went back and did just that. There was a room available and Emma moved in the same day. Emma told us, “I’m just so glad Ronald McDonald House Glasgow was able to have me there, as I would never of been so close to my son”.

Emma called her son Mason

Mason stayed in hospital for 4 months. There were numerous complications and parts of his bowel had recurring infections. Finally, though he was given the all clear and Emma returned home with her surprise son.

The future is looking great for Mason. He is now 6 years old and hasn’t had any problems since leaving hospital. “He’s a happy, funny, clever boy. He’s in Primary 1 and he loves it” enthused Emma “I am ever so grateful for … Ronald McDonald House Glasgow and for what they have done for me”.

Everyone here at the House are delighted to hear that Mason is doing so well. We wish him and his mum, Emma a very happy and healthy future. If you would like to help more children, like Mason, please donate today. Your donation will go towards providing high quality, cost free accommodation for families with seriously ill children in hospital. Your support helps keep families together so as they can be there for one another during an extremely difficult time. Thank you.

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