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History repeats itself…

In 2018, myself (Ashley) and fiancé Jamie found ourselves back at Ronald McDonald House Glasgow for the 2nd year running, it brought sadness, worry and comfort to us as in 2017 we experienced a parents worst nightmare…

The beginning

In 2017 we were expecting our first child, at our 20 week scan it became apparent that he had Congenital Artery Disease (CHD) and would require lifesaving surgery. We were informed of RMHG well in advance of his birth but never really grasped the concept of what the house was.

March 2017 Leo was born, and we soon began to appreciate the blessing he was. We spent 19 days in the House and it was everything we needed and more! A place to call your own without the financial burden of bills and travel expenses. Our stay was short compared to others, but our little Leo had been through a lot and gained his wings on the 27th March.       


Little Brother Logan

Fast forward to 2018 when his brother Logan was born. He brought so much joy until our nightmare began again. At 3 weeks old Logan was facing a similar heart condition as his big brother, within 4 weeks we found ourselves back in RMHG with Logan in the children’s hospital for his lifesaving surgery!

Coming back to RMHG, we felt a sense of peace and comfort, knowing we had been here before, but this time, knowing exactly what to expect at the House. I honestly think the beds are so comfortable and you conk out after a long day sitting by your child’s bedside.

The staff at the House are so lovely and the families that stay in the House are all in the same situation so conversations can easily be had when in the kitchen.

Supporting the House

We did a lot of research into RMHG after losing Leo and couldn’t believe that the House was run on donations alone. It touched us so much that we knew we had to help other families just like us, knowing that someone had once fundraised for us to be there – keep the cycle running!                                                                                                                     

Whilst grieving Leo, we threw ourselves into charity mode (looking back know it was a coping mechanism). We ran a massive charity night, raffled prizes, held car boot sales, friends and family rallied together in our aid and achieved so much in our Leo’s name. By October we had raised over £15,000 and now have a plaque dedicated to our little Lion Leo at Ronald McDonald House Glasgow.

We are pleased to say that Logan is now a happy 3 year old who will always be told about his big brother Leo and how much the hospital, staff and Ronald McDonald House Glasgow did for us!



You can make a difference to families with children in hospital just like Ashley & Jamie

Ronald McDonald House Glasgow is an independent charity. As we are a self-funded House, it is our wonderful supporters who do ensure our doors can remain open to support families like Leo & Logan’s. It costs £75 per day to fully cover the cost for a family to stay at the House. If you would consider making a donation to support the families that the House supports, you can do so here .

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