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Gregor makes a surprise entrance

Martine and Keith lived in a rural area. Their first baby was due in July 2008 – however he had other ideas! Gregor made a surprise arrival a scary 16 weeks early, weighing just 1lb 14.5oz.

Keith remembered how “The maternity unit was not manned at night, we phoned ahead to make sure the on-call midwife was there – much to ours and their surprise Gregor was born an hour later”.

Martine had suffered a miscarriage at 11.5 weeks a year earlier, naturally the couple feared the worst. Their local hospital had no specialist equipment. Martine explained how “The normally quiet hospital sprang into life, with doctors/nurses arriving to assist. Gregor was immediately wrapped in bubble wrap and given assistance with his breathing until the Neonatal Air Crew arrived some hours later”.

Keith went on to tell us “We were advised that due to Gregor’s early gestation he only had a 10/15% chance of survival and they must transfer him to the nearest neonatal unit with available space. Thankfully it was our nearest hospital – the Queen Mothers Hospital, [Glasgow] but for us this was still a 3-to-4-hour drive away”.

To Glasgow

The couple were in a state of shock. “Nothing felt real” Martine told us “We were outside looking in”. Keith and Martine were desperate to be with Gregor, however due to the equipment and experts required to look after their tiny bundle, they couldn’t travel in the helicopter with him to Glasgow.

“We followed by car 2 hours later after being discharged from hospital. We didn’t know when we’d return home”!

Ronald McDonald House Glasgow steps in

The ward clerk at the hospital told the couple about the House and put in a referral for them. There was a room available, and Keith and Martine moved in the very next day.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes and the kindness of [the] staff – this facility was available to us for as long as we needed it – at no cost?! Rather than worry about where to stay, additional costs, we were now able to focus on Gregor” explained Keith.

Martine went on to say, “When Keith returned to work, I could have my mum stay for support and likewise visitors could come for a cuppa – the kindness was never ending”.

Gregor’s long road

As the days, weeks and months passed, Gregor had many ups and downs, brain scans, x-rays, blood transfusions and laser eye surgery amongst other things. Gregor continued to improve and grow stronger.

“Finally, 117 days later we were allowed to return home” Martine enthused, “Ronald McDonald House Glasgow was a huge part of our journey where we spent nearly 5 months of our life. During our stay and since, family and friends have fundraised for the House doing walks, bake sales etc – we have a plaque on a leaf on the Family Tree [in the House]. We can never repay or thank the House enough – a remarkable place and really a home from home”.

How is Gregor now?

Despite his start in life, Gregor is now a thriving healthy teenager. He has a little brother and sister and has just started secondary school. Gregor is also a member of the local swimming club, brass band, and Scouts group!

Locally he is the smallest and earliest gestational baby to be born and survive on record.

We are so happy to hear that Gregor is flourishing – way to go Gregor! We are always in awe of the incredible work carried out by the health care specialists. Gregor’s story shows just how talented they all are.

The House is there to look after the families of seriously ill children in hospital. The love and comfort that a loved one can bring to their child is priceless. Can you help more families stay by their child’s bedside in their time of need? Head to our Donate page to make your gift today.

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