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Already parents to two year-old Devon, Lindsay was 20 weeks pregnant with her & Adam’s second child, when a scan at their local hospital in Livingston showed that something was wrong. A further scan in Edinburgh the following day revealed that Adam and Lindsay’s baby daughter was suffering from pleural effusion. This was starting to squash her lung, and only looked set to get worse.

Complications continued, new scans showed that the baby’s pleural effusion had developed into hydrops, with fluid spreading throughout her body. As the condition worsened in the weeks that followed, Adam and Lindsay were warned that their baby may not survive.

They were transferred through to the care of the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. Here Lindsay had weekly scans to monitor the baby’s progress, and underwent several procedures to save their baby’s life.

When baby Georgia was born at 35 weeks, a room was available for them straight away at Ronald McDonald House Glasgow. This alleviated their immediate concern of how they were going to stay close to Georgia.

“We were really panicking about what we were going to do”, Lindsay told us.

They ended up staying at the House for 3 months. The small touches at the House made a big difference to them. One was the phone in their room, connected directly to the ward. They knew the hospital could reach them anytime and vice versa.

It also kept some routine for Georgia’s sister Devon. Adam pointed out: “It was so convenient to be a couple of minutes’ away – we could go back and forth to the hospital, and bring Devon back for a nap. And she loved the soft play area!”

The road to recovery for Georgia didn’t prove straightforward. Lindsay told us, “They don’t know why she kept producing fluid”.

Georgia’s condition is rare. Adam and Lindsay left the House after 3 long months with Georgia and Devon, in the hope they could get to the bottom of things eventually.

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