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Fiona and David found out when she was 28 weeks pregnant that their baby would have some health problems, but nobody could tell them exactly what they would be. “I was closely monitored for the rest of my pregnancy and our baby boy, Craig, was delivered at 37 weeks”, Fiona told us.

From Raigmore to Yorkhill

Craig spent the first week after he was born in Raigmore SCBU, Inverness. Then one night, he was transferred by air ambulance to Yorkhill with suspected cardiac failure. “David & I travelled down to Glasgow by car arriving at midnight, very scared about what we would be greeted with. A lovely nurse found us a room on a ward in the hospital so we could try to get some sleep.”

A room at Ronald McDonald House Glasgow

The next day, they were given a room at Ronald McDonald House Glasgow. “We had our own room for as long as we needed it, we could have our 2 year old son Andrew stay with us, and – the most important thing for us – we had a direct phone line between our room and the ward, so if the nurses phoned we could be at Craig’s side within minutes.”

Remembering time spent with Craig in Glasgow

“Craig passed away in November 2009, aged 9 weeks & 4 days. The House allowed us to stay together as a family and spend as much time as possible with Craig. It was a “safe haven” where we could process all the ups and downs Craig was going through and we were able to chat with other families who were in similar situations. Andrew loved the toys, especially the rocking horse. We could have friends & family visit us. It was my 30th birthday during our stay and we had birthday cake in the kitchen. Without the House, those months would have been so different. The time we spent in Glasgow was the hardest of our lives, but we also have so many good memories that we just would not have had without the amazing Ronald McDonald House Glasgow.”

To gift families like Craig’s with precious time together, please consider making a donation to support Ronald McDonald House Glasgow today.

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