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Do you find there’s always DIY to get done in your house? Shelves to put up? Painting that room? Replacing tiles in the bathrooms? At Ronald McDonald House Glasgow we’ve always got a long list on the go and sometimes we need to call in the professionals.


When we needed to convert our main corridor door to our laundry from manual to touch-free, we turned to our friends at the Screwfix Foundation to help.


With over 1200 stores throughout the UK, we’re sure that at some time you have popped for those essential parts for that DIY job!


Whilst we might moved on from Level O, we still have to maintain caution in everything we do to make sure that we mitigate the risk of the COVID-19 virus emerging in the House. We’re delighted that with Screwfix’s support  we can continue to keep families safe as door handles are one of the most common transmitters of the virus.


One Mum recently told us “As a new Mum, I was just so nervous about everything during the pandemic and it was all so stressful. But I couldn’t believe all the precautions they took at the House. It was so reassuring as we were so scared of passing anything on to other families in intensive care. Such a blessing to be have been allowed to stay in the House and we felt so safe.”


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