New Fixed Thermal Camera for the House

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Grant makes changes possible

The Foundation Scotland – Response Fund have granted the House much needed funds to purchase and install a fixed thermal scanner. This is now in use at the Reception area at Ronald McDonald House Glasgow.

The new technology automatically takes the temperatures of people entering the House. If someone has a high temperature an alarm sounds. so, the House staff can therefore take action to reduce the risk of Covid-19 being brought onto the premises. This removes the need to take everyone’s temperatures twice a day with a hand held thermal sensor. Families can now enter and leave the building as normal, safe in the knowledge that an alarm will sound if there are any concerns.

New feeling to the House during Covid-19 pandemic

The House staff are pleased to implement such simple measures to try and help with a feeling of ‘normality’ during these incredibly difficult times. People can now enter the House without giving their temperature a second thought. Staff can attend to other tasks, safe in the knowledge that the alarm will sound if there is a potential problem.

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