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Before appearing on Britain’s Got Talent in 2011 Edward Reid had developed his one man show around Scotland, scooping Radio Forth’s Best Fringe for his one man show ‘Living The Dream One Song At A Time’ and Bighearted Scotland’s Entertainer of The Year! During his amazing life journey, Edward had to learn how to maintain a high level of professionalism whilst learning how to deal with the stress that success brings.

Thankfully, Edward found the art of meditation really helped and in 2016 he trained with The British School of Meditation and became a qualified Meditation Teacher and now specialises in Mindfulness.

Ronald McDonald House Glasgow is fortunate to have been supported by Edward Reid for many years – being wowed by his captivating performances at our Ball and Ladies Lunch events. We were delighted when Edward offered to run a free Mindfulness Session at the House for the resident families, volunteers and staff, having recognised the stress and anxiety that families face when they have a seriously ill child in hospital.

“I think the service Ronald McDonald House provides for parents is so essential, so I was excited to come and talk about mindfulness to some of the parents using it that day. I feel Mindfulness can help in any situation. I mean I don’t think it can take away your problems but it can help you in stressful times”.

Edward went on to say, “When I met the parents I had a major reality check as when they spoke of their kids in the hospital and their family’s far away my heart broke for them. Their lovely lives had been turned upside down due to their child’s illness or condition. Thankfully Ronald McDonald House took away one major stress by offering them somewhere warm and loving to stay, just a couple of minutes away from their child. I look forward to going back and teaching new parents these tools to help them during a very scary chapter of their life”.

One of families taking part explained “It was such a good experience, both Lewis and myself really enjoyed it. We found it very useful and realised how important it was to take time out and make time for yourself”. Jessica explained, “Since the [session] Lewis sometimes does some meditation to help him asleep as he is not a good sleeper and he finds it helps. The [session] also helped me realise I need to appreciate the little things in life and what I have instead of always wanting that little bit more and to not stress about silly little things. Take each day as it comes”.

We all found your Mindfulness training to be refreshing and relaxing, with everyone taking with them useful tips and mindfulness techniques. Thank You Edward!!

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If you are depressed, you are living in the Past. If you are anxious, living in the Future. If you are at peace you are living in the Moment.

Lao Tzu

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