Pip The Polar Bear’s Festive Fun Pack

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Help families at a time of crisis and bring comfort to them when they need it most.

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Calling all families! We want you to join in with a very special Pip the Polar Bear’s Festive Fun Pack…
All in aid of Ronald McDonald House Glasgow!

We are super excited about these fun and exciting packs which will inform your little ones about the act of kindness this festive season, thanks to help from Pip The Polar Bear!

Join in the fun starting Tuesday 1 December and throughout the run up to the festive season!

Your purchase of the pack is giving the gift of precious family time together, to some of the most seriously ill children in Scotland. Thank you so much.

For just £25 you will receive a fun filled festive themed pack containing:

o Your very own fluffy Pip The Polar Bear to cuddle up with during the chilly winter nights
o 12 Days of Festive Kindness Activity – Undertaking 12 different acts of kindness over 12 days which you receive a gold star to add to your Kindness Chart!
o Gingerbread Christmas Tree Decorating Kit – 4 pre-baked gingerbread trees plus icing tube and ball sprinkles – perfect for getting the little ones involved!
o Magic Reindeer Food – A magical mix of reindeer food to make sure Rudolph and friends stop at your House!
o Festive Snowman Soup – For you to enjoy with Pip (make sure he doesn’t drink it all first)!
o Pip The Polar Bear’s Party Hat – Get your party hat on for extra festive spirit when completing your acts of kindness
o Pip The Polar Bear’s Festive Decoration Kit – Use to create a very special festive decoration
o Festive Card Making Kit – Create a couple of festive cards to share with family and friends

All you need now is some festive magic and cheer!

Order your Festive Pack today!!…SOLD OUT!!!

To purchase your pack/s please complete our online booking form.

We can take your payment by card, bank transfer or cheque – whatever works best for you. Following payment we will get your Pip The Polar Bear’s Festive Fun Pack sent out to you before Tuesday 1 December! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! Thank you so much again for supporting the families, ensuring they are there for those precious moments with their little ones.

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