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Help families at a time of crisis and bring comfort to them when they need it most.

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Women’s 10K is an all-inclusive event with a strong, supportive community of women who come together and make a positive change. Excitingly this is a live event!!! The hope is that mass participation events will be able to go ahead again by October 2021. Imagine that … finally getting to run alongside others and spur each other on!

We want you to feel empowered & drive towards your personal goals – whether that be losing weight, becoming fitter or raising funds for Ronald McDonald House Glasgow!! Take on the challenge and engage in physical activity to promote your health & well-being all year round.

Get Inspired:

We want YOU to come along and take part in the Women’s 10K Edinburgh.

Maybe you’ve not done any exercise in a while and need a goal to motivate you, maybe you want to do something positive together with your friends and family, or maybe you want to fundraise for our Charity.

Whatever your reason, the Women’s 10K is the perfect opportunity for you to lace up those trainers and make a difference, either to your own life or someone else’s. By running for Ronald McDonald House Glasgow you are helping to keep families together when they have a seriously ill child in hospital – thank you.

How do I get involved?

Running for Ronald McDonald House Glasgow has never been easier! As an affiliated Charity you can run for the House by signing up here.

Event Day: Sunday 24th October 2021
Start time: 11am
Age: 15 years and over
Price: £25.25

Come and join the Women’s 10K community, and they’ll support you every step of the way.

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Want to break away from the crowd and do your own thing? Perhaps setting up your own Assault Course in your back garden? Or create a community fundraiser? We can help you raise funds for families who are miles from home.

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