Eli’s Journey Home

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On September 4th 2021 Phil Cowie & Jen Campbell walked from Ronald McDonald House Glasgow to their home in Dunfermline. The couple took 107, 567 steps in honour of their Son, Eli.

Eli was born on December 13 and just 3 days after a straight forward birth Eli became extremely ill. He was then transferred from the maternity unit at the Vic to NICU and by that same night, to Intensive Care at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow for specialist help. Eli went through various tests, procedures, scans and medicine to try and reach a diagnosis to get him better all the while charming everyone who cared for him (which was a lot of people) with his golden curls, tickly feet and piercing eyes.


Eli truly was a warrior and fought extremely hard however, after 10 days on the 23rd December he sadly passed away. After his passing, Jen & Phil found out he was completely healthy in the womb and after birth, but had contracted an extremely rare, fatal infection at some point following his birth.


During Eli’s stay in hospital the couple stayed in Ronald McDonald House Glasgow which allowed them to be close to him. Phil explained ‘We didn’t even know Ronald McDonald House Glasgow was a thing until we needed them but they looked after us and gave us accommodation just a five-minute walk from the hospital. It was really comforting as there were other families in similar circumstances, there was a direct phone line to Eli’s ward and a video link.’

By taking on the 44 miles for ‘Eli’s journey home’ the couple managed to raise an incredible  £10,680.98 which was split between Ronald McDonald House Glasgow & Together for short Lives giving each charity £5,340.49.

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