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Scarborough Group Foundation Support Ronald McDonald House Glasgow

We are delighted to share the news that the Scarborough Group Foundation have made a heartwarming donation to the House. The Foundation is the charitable arm of the Scarborough Group. They have funded the purchase of brand new bedding and towels.

Snuggly Bedding

The colourful designs are perfect for helping children staying to feel welcome. Many families have more than one child and our comfortable bedrooms can sleep up to four. This means that siblings can come and stay too! Seriously ill children in hospital love visits from their brothers and sisters. So it’s important that the Charity helps to facilitate this.

Sandra McCabe told us “The Scarborough Group Foundation was delighted to help the Ronald McDonald House Glasgow with helping to purchase towels and bedding for the children staying in the house”.

Fluffy Towels

The new towels are wonderful too. Even our House mascot Ted has been enjoying them after washing his paws like a good teddy! Over time the towels loose their softness. Extra washing during the Covid-19 pandemic makes it important to increase stock and replace worn out towels.

Thanks to the Scarborough Group Foundation the Charity can continue providing high quality, free accommodation to families from across Scotland and further afield, who have seriously ill children in hospital.

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