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Why we need your help

With no statutory funding we rely heavily on our supporters to get involved and there are so many ways you can – run your own event or join one of ours, volunteer your time and talents. No matter how you chose to help or how much you raise you’ll be directly supporting families who need a ‘home away from home’.

Every year over 500 families call Ronald McDonald House their home while their sick child receives treatment at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow.

No family wants to be in the position of having to stay at the House as this means not only is your child seriously ill this is all happening far from home and your support network.

Having a seriously sick child in hospital is difficult enough without adding on the pressures of long distance travel and expensive accommodation. We provide free accommodation to families on the doorstep of the hospital and relieve them of these additional pressures, no matter how long they need to stay.

This service is invaluable to the families who need it which is why your help is so desperately needed. To find out how you can fundraise and make a difference visit our ‘Get Involved’ section or call us on 0141 201 1900 or email fundraising@ronaldmcdonaldhouse.co.uk



“We will be thinking about all the people who are staying with you at the moment and wish them all the best. We know first-hand what it is to stay away from home while your child is in hospital and all that brings”
The Carol Family