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The Macdonald Family, Inverness

The Macdonald Family, Inverness


Maryann was born in Raigmore but after a week in the special care unit, she was moved to Yorkhill. Being miles away from home and not knowing what the future held for Maryann was the most stressful time of our lives.

When we arrived in Glasgow, the hospital staff told us about the Ronald McDonald House and arranged for us to go over to check in. Having somewhere to go not just at night but during the day for a rest was such a weight off our minds. At first our other three children stayed at weekends in pull out beds in our room meaning we were able to spend quality time with them away from the hospital. Having our own cupboard and fridge and freezer areas in the kitchen meant we didn’t have to eat out all the time. After a few weeks staying in the House we were told to expect Maryann would have a long stay in hospital and we needed to have our other children stay with us. We were given a larger flat now that the children stayed with us all the time. This was absolutely amazing as we could now have more of a normal life, everyone together, the children went to the local school and made lots of friends.

We ended up staying in the Ronald McDonald House flat for a year and five months.