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The Cameron Family, Invergordon

The Cameron Family, Invergordon

IMGP1173Gregor had a large VSD (ventricular septal defect) of his heart. He had a repair operation in August 2012. We previously had no experience of hospitals and we were very unfamiliar with Glasgow. We were daunted by the prospect of Gregor having major surgery and not knowing where best to stay in the City was so unsettling. Ronald MacDonald House at Yorkhill made the whole experience much easier to cope with. Not only was the house only a minute from the Hospital but had direct contact with the ward 24/7.

To be able to stay so close to Gregor when we were unable to stay in the Ward was such a relief. And to be able to come and go anytime with all facilities available to us was amazing. The staff were always so helpful and to be able to speak with other parents going through their own experiences was also very reassuring. It is a remarkable place.

Thankfully we have a very healthy, lively, cheeky Gregor who has flourished since his operation in every way. We are very thankful to the hospital and the house for helping us all as a family. Thank you.