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In Memory

It can be comforting to celebrate the life of someone special by making a donation to charity in their memory. Asking friends and family to donate to Ronald McDonald House is a lasting way to remember your loved one and help others.

There are different ways to make an In Memory donation for your loved one.

  • Donate in memory: commemorate the life of a loved one by making a donation in their memory. Some people also ask for donations instead of flowers at a funeral or mark an anniversary with a gift.
  • Start a tribute fund: a tribute fund is a lasting way to remember someone special. You can name the fund after your loved one and all money raised or donated into the fund will be in their memory. To set this up choose between JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving.
  • Online tribute fund: It takes a few simple steps to set one up on-line. This allows you to tell the story of the person you are remembering, fundraise in their memory using words, photos and videos either publicly or privately. When someone makes an In Memory page, a Collection page is automatically created. To set this up choose either Virgin Money Giving or click on the JustGiving button below.

     Remember a loved one with JustGiving

The House exists due to the generosity of many people, groups, organisations and families. The Family Tree is our way of showing thanks every day to those that have helped create a beautiful ‘home away from home’.  As a symbol of our thanks for your support when your donations reach £1,000 we invite you to take a leaf on our Family Tree and have it engraved with your choice of text.

  • Donations of £1,000 are thanked with a plaque on a leaf remaining on the tree for 3 years.
  • Donations of £5,000 are thanked with a plaque on a bird for 5 years.
  • And donations of £10,000 are thanked with a permanent plaque on a choice of either a butterfly, flower or woodland creature.

We warmly invite you to visit and put up your own plaque and return to see it on the Family Tree.  You will also receive a certificate to confirm the inclusion of the plaque on the Tree.

When your display time has come to an end we will place your plaque in our keepsake albums or you can extend your time with a further donation.

Family Tree