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Ideas for Fundraising

It’s not always about being fit enough to run a marathon, there are loads of fun ideas on how to fundraise.

If you need inspiration have a look at some of our ideas. We’d love to hear about any that have worked well for you so we can add these to our list.


Organise an aerobics-athon with work colleagues and friends. Keep fit and have a boogie to your favourite music 70’s/80’s/Disco.

Afternoon tea
Invite your friends and family round to partake in delicate sandwiches, dainty cakes and a lovely pot of tea for a small fee!

Organise your own fundraising auction with unwanted presents. Why not auction off your time and talents for the day or donate a percentage of funds raised through an EBay auction?

Bag Packing at a Supermarket
Ask your local supermarket if you can hold a bag pack. You’ll need a team of helpers and you need to plan ahead as groups often book up from year to year.

Bring and Buy Sale
Sell donated goods on a stall. Home baking and jams, books, and bric-a-brac are firm favourites.

Bike ride
Organise a bike ride and turn it into a sponsored event. Or join an organised ride like the London to Paris Cycle.

Bingo night
Charge £10 per person – split the money pot – half prize/half fundraising.

Bake SaleCake sales
Cake sales are a great way to raise money and awareness too, especially if they are homemade – yum.

Collect Copper Change
Collect all those unwanted coppers that weigh down your pockets and purse – small change soon mounts up and can make a big difference.

Colour Theme Days
Instead of a dress down at work day why not ask your colleagues all to wear RED, the colour of the charity.

Come Dine with Me
Get together with friends and rotate your next few Saturday nights impressing each other with your culinary finesse! Each person pays £10.

Make up your own competition, or use tried and tested ideas such as how many sweeties in the jar.

Car Wash
Charge your friends and family to wash their cars.

Chocolate or Crisps ban
Give up chocolate or crisps – your favourite treat for a day, week or month and give the money you saved to Ronald McDonald House.

Dance the night away in a sponsored dance-athon.

Dress down Fridays
Pay a small fee, perhaps £2 each, to wear whatever you want to work!

Duvet Day
Yum, have a duvet day – be like John and Yoko Ono and take to your bed for the full day. Maybe in your onesie and get sponsored.

DVD Marathon
Stay in with your friends and work your way through all the Star War movies and then set a quiz up at the end. The winner gets a prize but everyone has to pay to take part in the movie marathon.

Ebay ClearoutEbay Clearout
Have a good clear out and get all your unwanted stuff on eBay!

Eating Baked Beans with a Cocktail Stick / or Eat your Spaghetti with Chopsticks
Challenge your friends to a baked bean or spaghetti eating competition – how many can you eat in a minute using only a cocktail or chopsticks?

Egg and spoon race
Are you up for an egg and spoon challenge? Race your friends and family.

Fancy Dress
Create a zany masterpiece to wear for the day at work and get your colleagues to sponsor you.

Five a Side Football
Challenge your mates to a five a side tournament. Each team pays to play.

Face PaintingFace Painting
Animals and butterflies are still the firm favourites with kids. Offer to do face painting and ask for a donation.

Fill a smarties tube with 20ps
Every time you get a 20p in your change, pop it in your tube.

Fun Run
There are so many fun run’s and walks out there to join or make up your own route and set the pace for your own family.

Girls Cocktail NightGirls cocktail night
A fun and cheap night in – charge £10 entry, BYOB!!

Give Something Up!
Get sponsored to go without something you really love and ask for sponsorship.

Guess the number of/ name of / birthday of / weight of …
Have a lot of fun challenging your friends to guess the quantity in the jar or car.

Head Shave
Shave off your lovely hair (head or beard!) for sponsor money.

Hike Up A HillHike up a Hill
A big hill or a small hill – get sponsored to take a hike.

Organise an International Evening for the Eurovision Song Contest
Hold a themed international night and decorate your house or theme the food. It’ll bring the Eurovision song Contest alive in your house. Charge an entry fee.

It’s a Knockout
Use a local Sports Centre. Invite local groups and charge team entry.

Jumble SaleJumble Sale
Ask your local Club if you can use their hall – charge a small entry fee. Reduce, reuse and recycle.

Karaoke Night
Ask your local pub to hold this with the entry fees coming to the House.

Knitting Competition
Challenge your friends to a knit-off. You could sell or auction your work too.

Leap from A PlaneLeap from a Plane
At one of our 10,000ft Tandem Skydive Days at St Andrews.

Line Dancing
Organise a line dance-athon with family and friends and charge a fee to take part.

Matched Funding
You could double the money you raise from your fundraising by checking if your employer operates ‘matched funding’ and applying for it.

Movie Night
With your friends – rustle up some treats, bottle of wine, and settle down for a good movie, with everyone donating the price of a cinema ticket.

Nearly New Sale
Fed up with those jeans, dress or handbag? Only worn or used them once? Why not sell or swap your unwanted things with your friends? Pay for each item you take.

Nominate a Colleague.......Leg WaxNominate a Colleague or Family Member – to have their legs, beard or head shaved/waxed.
Challenge someone to shave their head or beard off or wax their body – ouch! Remember that they should get sponsored too, or charge people a fee to watch it happen.

Not Smoking?
Not eating chocolate, or not drinking? Get sponsored to NOT do something that would be a challenge to you!

Organise Something of Your OwnOrganise Something of your Own!
Tell us about it – and we can perhaps help you bring your idea to life!

Pancake Race
Hold your own pancake race – challenge your friends and family.

Plant Sale
Calling all green fingers, sell your produce in a plant sale or to neighbours.

Pyjama Party and SleepoverPyjama Party and Sleepover
Charge the girls a fee to stay over.

Quiz Night
Get teams together from different departments at work, and charge an entry fee for each team.

Race Night
Ask your local pub to organise this for you!

Get friends and family or local businesses to donate prizes and raffle them off.

Recycle Phones and Cartridges
And donate the money to Ronald McDonald House.

Sponsored Ideas / Events
It’s your event so you choose what you are good at! Remember when organising a fundraising event to think about adding a sponsorship element – it’s a great way of collecting your money.

Hold a swishing event to swap your unwanted clothes for somebody’s else’s! Make an evening of it with nibbles, drinks, and ask for donations to join.

Who will win the Grand National/Football Cup? Organise with friends and colleagues, with half the proceeds to the winner and half to the House.

Get friends and family to donate gifts and organise a tombola. Only numbers ending in ‘5’ will win a prize!

Treasure Hunt
Great fun – get all your friends to bring teams and charge an entry fee per team, and a prize for the winners.

Unbelievable Experiences
Trek the Sahara, Cycle from London to Paris – there are many big adventures you can join in, whilst helping raise funds for us – just ask!

Uniform free days
Ditch the uniform for a fee, and take the chance to wear something more casual.

Variety Show
Get everyone at school/your club or work involved in your fundraising!

Wage Donation
Get everyone at work to donate an hour’s wage.

Walk for Ronald McDonald HouseWalk for Ronald McDonald House
You choose the date, route and distance to suit your abilities and remember to get sponsored.

Welly Throwing
Have a competition with your friends and see how far those wellies will go.

X-Factor Competition
Celebrate your talents by putting on a show. Organise your own talent show and invite friends and family too or put it on at work. Maybe you need to have a “pay to leave” policy in place!

Xmas EventsXmas Events
Carol Singing, baking mince pies to sell to the neighbours etc.

You CAN Do It!
Once the ball is rolling you will see how easy and fun it is to fundraise!

Zany Clothes DayZany clothes day
Instead of a dress down day, dress up! Charge a fee and wear a zippy,zany costume that will make everyone smile!

Zip Slide
Twice a year you have the opportunity to Zip 1,000 feet over the River Clyde in Glasgow with us. Ask for dates of the next zip.