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Family Tree – Our Thanks to You

Our Family Tree

Ronald McDonald House exists due to the generosity of many people, groups, organisations and families. The Family Tree is our way of showing our thanks every day to those that have helped create a beautiful ‘home away from home’.

Our wooden Family Tree sits in our reception area and is a focal point in the House seen daily by all our families and visitors. The Tree holds many plaques each with their own personal and heartfelt message. When you visit please take a moment to pause and read them.

You don’t need to have stayed at the House to have your own plaque. When donations received reach £1,000 or greater we invite donors to take a plaque on the Family Tree and have it inscribed with their own message. We warmly invite you to come back and visit us and place your own plaque on the Tree. It also gives us an opportunity to say thank you in person for all the fundraising and hard work you have put into raising donations for the House and future families.

RMcDHouse_2015_21  House Tree close up  Family Tree

We created a new Family Tree when we moved to Govan with leaves, flowers, butterflies, birds and woodland creatures on which to place your plaque. Over the year’s many generous people and organisations have raised considerable amounts for the House and we’d like to reflect this by offering the following options:

  • Donations totalling £1,000 are thanked with a plaque on a leaf remaining on the tree for 3 years
  • Donations totalling £5,000 are thanked with a plaque on a bird for 5 years
  • Donations totalling £10,000 are thanked with a permanent plaque on a choice of either a butterfly, flower or woodland creature

You will also receive a certificate to confirm the inclusion of the plaque on our Family Tree.

The Family Tree is located in the reception area and you are very welcome to come and re-visit your plaque at anytime, it’d be lovely to see you.

If you would like details on funding your own plaque please call our fundraising team on 0141 201 1900.