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What we do

We provide free ‘home away from home’ accommodation to enable families to stay close to their sick children helping them heal faster and cope better.

Our House is on the doorstep of the hospital giving over 500 families each year a safe base allowing them to live as normal a family life as possible while providing them with peace of mind that they are close to their child.

Every day families from across Scotland and further afield, are referred to the House from the Royal Hospital for Children. The Ronald McDonald House is here to take away the stress of finding a place to stay and how to pay for it so they can remain close to their child throughout treatment.

Once families are given a room it’s theirs till their child is discharged from hospital. Our families can stay with us for a matter of days, weeks, months and sometimes much longer. The House is staffed 24 hours a day and open 365 days a year.


‘Having our own room and knowing we could do everyday things like cook and eat dinner as a family, just being able to come and go as we needed made our unbearable time at hospital that little bit easier.’
The Ross family